Match Reports

Junior Hurling

posted 9 Aug 2015, 06:30 by Newcastle Gaa

The junior hurlers played the third round of the championship against Cahir in Gaotenbridge on Friday night last, August 7th. Newcastle started very well scoring the first four points but Cahir soon came back into the game. Newcastle scored a very important goal from Tommy Sweeney coming up to half time which left Newcastle leading by 1-8 to 0-7. On the restart Cahir started to dominate and eventually took the lead. Despite a gallant effort from the Newcastle team they were unable to bridge the gap with a final score of Newcastle 1-12, Cahir 1-15. Team and scorers were Eanna O'Flynn, James Lonergan Jnr, Conor Grant, Emmet Prendergast, Daniel Kennedy, John O'Halloran, Michael Kennedy, Caoimhín McGrath (0-1), Brian Sweeney (0-6, 1 65, 0-4 frees), Barry Hickey (0-33, Tommy Sweeney (1-0), Evan Morrissey, Brian Hyland, Ger Corcoran and Andrew Fitzpatrick (0-2 frees). Subs used were James Fitzpatrick for James Lonergan, Vinny Carroll for Michael Kennedy (inj) and Johnny Hallinan for Ger Corcoran.

South Junior Football Final

posted 26 Jul 2015, 09:41 by Newcastle Gaa

The final of the junior football championship was played in Clonmel Sportsfield on Saturday evening last, July 25th. Newcastle started well and had the first point from Brian Sweeney. In the 13th minute a run from Caoimhín McGrath through the Ballingarry defence resulted in a penalty which was scored by Brian Sweeney. However, from then until half time, Ballingarry dominated and the scores were level at the break, 1-2 to 0-5. The game was very close all through the early part of the second half. In the 44th minute when Ballingarry were awarded a penalty, but, not for the first time in South finals, goalie Darren Goonan saved it. From there to the end it was point for point until Ballingarry scored a decisive goal with about 5 minutes to go. Final score was Newcastle 1-8, Ballingarry 1-12. The Newcastle team was Darren Goonan, Conor Grant, Shane Hickey (0-1), Evan Morrissey, Brian Hyland (0-1), John O'Halloran, Daniel Kennedy, Brian Sweeney (1-2), Diarmuid Devaney (0-1), Ger Corcoran, Vinny Carroll, Caoimhín McGrath, Andrew Fitzpatrick (0-2), Tommy Sweeney (0-1) and Paudie O'Shea. Sub was Barry Hickey for Ger Corcoran. 

Junior A Hurling Championship

posted 29 Jun 2015, 08:14 by Newcastle Gaa

Newcastle were defeated by Grangemockler on Saturday night last in the hurling championship on a score of 4-9 to 1-10. Two goals conceded in the first quarter of the game and a third goal towards the end of the half left the half time score of 0-6 to 3-6 to Grangemockler. However,as Newcastle was playing against the wind there was optimism for the second half. A red card at the beginning of the second half left Newcastle with an uphill task. However, the Newcastle team showed great spirit to launch a fight back, with Barry Hickey scoring a great goal from a 21 yard free, only for their momentum to be halted by the intervention of the referee looking for an improvement in the discipline of both teams. The game was eventually finished off with a fourth goal for Grangemockler. Team: Eanna O'Flynn, Emmet Prendergast, Conor Grant, John O' Halloran, Daniel Kennedy, Brian Sweeney, Michael Kennedy, Shane Hickey, Caoimhín McGrath (capt), Barry Hickey, Vinny Carroll, Diarmuid Devaney, Ger Corcoran, and Brian Hyland. Subs : Paudie O' Shea, Tomas O' Dwyer, Michael Grant, James Lonergan Jnr, Johnny Hallinan and Evan Morrissey.

Junior A Football

posted 15 Jun 2015, 00:52 by Newcastle Gaa

Newcastle played St Patrick's in the final games of the leagues stage of the junior A football championship in Clonmel last Saturday night, June 13th. The score was level at 0-7 each at half time but 3 quick goals from Andrew Fitzpatrick, Barry Hickey and Brian Hyland after the restart put Newcastle in the driving seat. The final score was 3-13 to 0-12. With this victory Newcastle has now qualified for the South final having topped the group. The team that started was Darren Goonan, John O' Halloran, Shane Hickey, Emmet Prendergast, Daniel Kennedy, Conor Grant,  Caoimhin McGrath, Vinny Carroll, Brian Sweeney, Barry Hickey, Diarmuid Devaney, Brian Hyland, Ger Corcoran, Tommy Sweeney, James Lonergan Jnr. Subs were Andrew Fitzpatrick for James Lonergan Jnr, James Lonergan Snr for Ger Corcoran, Evan Morrissey for Emmet Prendergast, Michael Kennedy for Barry Hickey and Ray Hallinan for Tommy Sweeney.

Junior A Football championship

posted 7 Jun 2015, 06:56 by Newcastle Gaa   [ updated 8 Jun 2015, 05:10 ]

The junior footballers began their campaign with a good win over Ardfinnan in Ballylooby on Saturday night last, June 6th. Newcastle started well against the wind with a point followed soon after by a goal from Tommy Sweeney. The second goal in the first half was scored by Vinny Carroll leaving the half time score 2-3 to 0-1. Despite a red card at the end of the first half and with 14 men, we pulled away in the second half. Two great goals from super sub James Lonergan Jnr. Sealed the victory on a final score of 4-9 to 0-6. The team was Darren Goonan, Emmet Prendergast, Shane Hickey, Cormac O'Flynn, Daniel Kennedy, Conor Grant, Caoimhín McGrath, Diarmuid  Devaney, Brian Sweeney, Barry Hickey, Vinny Carroll, Alan Sweeney, Anthony Condon Jnr., Tommy Sweeney and Paudie O' Shea. Subs (all in 2nd half) Ger Corcoran for Alan Sweeney, Brian Hyland for Caoimhín McGrath, James Lonergan Jnr for Paudie O Shea, Andrew Fitzpatrick for Tommy Sweeney and Evan Morrissey for Vinny Carroll. The final game in the league series is fixed for next Saturday night, June 13th against St Pats at 7pm in Clonmel Sportsfield.

Junior A Hurling Championship

posted 25 May 2015, 04:14 by Newcastle Gaa

Newcastle played the first round of the junior A hurling championship against St. Patrick's in Ned Hall park on Sunday last, May 24th. Newcastle started well opening with a point but the half time score was 0-11 to 0-7 to St Pats despite Newcastle playing with a strong breeze in the first half.
Newcastle played much better in the second half against the wind, although it took 10 minutes to record our first score of the second half. A Newcastle goal in the last 5 minutes cut the deficit to 3 points but St Pats scored 2 more points to leave the final score 1-10 to 1-15. Overall, it was a good performance considering 2 players were out injured. Best wishes to Ger Corcoran & Caoimhin McGrath who were injured in the second half. The team and subs were: Eanna O'Flynn, Paudie O' Shea, Conor Grant, Emmet Prendergast, Evan Morrissey, Brian Sweeney, Daniel Kennedy, Tommy Sweeney, Caoimhin McGrath, Barry Hickey, Vinny Carroll, James Lonergan Jnr, Andrew Fitzpatrick, Ger Corcoran and Brian Hyland. Subs: Shane Hickey for James Lonergan Jnr, Tomas O Dwyer for Brian Sweeney, Will Kennedy for Evan Morrissey, Ray Hallinan for Andrew Fitzpatrick and John O' Halloran for Ger Corcoran. 

Junior Hurling Championship

posted 25 Aug 2014, 02:26 by Newcastle Gaa

The Newcastle junior hurlers exited the junior hurling championship last Sunday evening, August 24th, at the quarter final stage against Fr Sheehys. The game was played in Goatenbridge in wet and difficult conditions and Fr Sheehys held the upper hand for most of the game leading by 0-7 to 0-4 at half time and by 0-13 to 0-6 at full time. The team was Eanna O’Flynn, Tomás O’Dwyer, Shane Hickey, Niall Morrissey, Evan Morrissey, James Fitzpatrick, Emmet Prendergast, Caoimhín McGrath, Michael Kennedy, Brian Hyland, Johnny Hallinan, Brian Sweeney, Tommy Sweeney, Diarmuid Devaney and Daniel Kennedy. Subs were Conor Grant for Johnny Hallinan, Emmet Hallinan for Michael Kennedy, Andrew Fitzpatrick for Daniel Kennedy and James Lonergan Jnr for Caoimhín McGrath.

Junior A Football

posted 14 Jul 2014, 01:03 by Newcastle Gaa

Newcastle played the second round of the Junior A football championship against St Ardfinnan in Ballylooby on Sunday last, July 13th. Playing against the breeze in the first half, Newcastle trailed by 0-7 to 0-3. However, in the second half Newcastle got completely on top and ran out winners on a score of 3-13 to 0-10. This second half performance shows the potential in the team and hopefully will kick start a good run in the championship. Team and scorers were; Oliver Smyth, Johnny Hallinan, Shane Hickey, Emmet Prendergast, Cormac O’Flynn, Conor Grant, Michael Kennedy, Brian Hyland, Diarmuid Devaney, Barry Hickey (capt 1-8), Caoimhín McGrath (1-0), Tommy Sweeney (1-2), James Lonergan Jnr, Daniel Kennedy, Anthony Condon (0-1). Subs were Alan Sweeney for Michael Kennedy, Andrew Fitzpatrick (0-2) for Daniel Kennedy, Thomas Lonergan for James Lonergan, Ray Hallinan for Anthony Condon, Ciarán McCarra for Johnny Hallinan and David Franey for Tommy Sweeney.

Junior Football Championship

posted 30 Jun 2014, 22:21 by Newcastle Gaa

Newcastle played the first round of the Junior A football championship against St Patricks in Ned Hall Park, Clonmel on Friday night last, June 13th. Unfortunately it proved to be an unlucky Friday the 13th for Newcastle who lost on a score of 5-14 to 1-8. Newcastle played a good first half and was only trailing by 2-8 to 1-6 at half time. However, a third goal for St Patricks early in the second half proved decisive. This was the first game in the championship so hopefully there is better to come from the team. Team and scorers were; Oliver Smyth, Johnny Hallinan, Tomás O’Dwyer, Cormac O’Flynn, James Fitzpatrick, Shane Hickey, Caoimhín McGrath (0-1), Brian Hyland (0-1), Emmet Prendergast (0-1), Barry Hickey (capt), Conor Grant (1-2), Anthony Condon, Tommy Sweeney, Michael Kennedy (0-1), Andrew Fitzpatrick (0-2). Subs were James Lonergan Jnr for Johnny Hallinan, Alan Sweeney for Anthony Condon, Thomas Lonergan for Tommy Sweeney, Ciarán McCarra for Michael Kennedy and Ray Hallinan for Conor Grant.

Junior Hurling Championship

posted 20 May 2014, 11:24 by Newcastle Gaa

The junior hurlers played the second round of the last Friday night, May 16th against St Patrick in Ned Hall Park, Clonmel. On a lovely evening for hurling, the scores were level at half time; Newcastle 1-5 to St Pats 0-8. The Newcastle goal was scored by Andrew Fitzpatrick. During the second half St Pats took a lead but Newcastle drew level near full time. Entering injury time a great move out of defence led to Brian Hyland setting up Emmet Hallinan for the winning goal. Final score; Newcaslte 2-11, St Pats 0-14. The team that started was Paudie O’Shea, Tomás O’Dwyer, Frank Hallinan, Emmet Prendergast, Evan Morrissey, Brian Sweeney (captain) (0-4), Michael Kennedy, Barry Hickey, Niall Morrissey, Tommy Sweeney, Johnny Hallinan, Conor Grant, Andrew Fitzpatrick (1-5), Diarmuid Devaney (0-1) and Daniel Kennedy (0-1). Subs introduced were Caoimhín McGrath for Frank Hallinan, Emmet Hallinan (1-0) for Conor Grant, and Brian Hyland for Daniel Kennedy.

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